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Become a Chil Reward Member to earn FREE YOGURT.

Chil has teamed up with Vicinity to give you the best reward! FREE DESSERTS! Become a Chil Reward Member to earn FREE DESSERT! Earn one point for every dollar you spend. Reach 60 points and get a $5 off your next frozen dessert or plated dessert. We also send you cool stuff like "Buy one get one free!" "Free $5 off on your birthday!" and other special promotions, discounts and coupons! *Cannot be redeemed for any alcoholic drinks. YEP! You read that right! We also have our liquor license and you can enjoy a shot of liqueur over your dessert or a specialty coffee or hot chocolate.

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What is a Chil Reward Member?

How do I become a Chil Reward Member?

What are the benefits of being a Chil Reward Member?

Do my Chil rewards points ever expire?

A Chil Reward Member is Chil’s way to thank our loyal customers by rewarding them with free desserts.

Simply visit the Chil store and ask a team member to set you up with a free card. Register above.

These benefits include $5 off your dessert when you reach 60 points.  Plus Chil also sends reward members special promotions and discounts such as Buy One Get One Free!!

No they never expire!  Use your Chil reward points whenever you want!