As a locally owned and operated business, we strive to maintain a strong focus on our community.  Sourcing our products locally to sustain neighboring businesses and create jobs and utilizing environmentally friendly practices to leave a smaller global footprint.  We use eco-friendly biodegradable cleaning products, our building was constructed of eco-friendly materials and paints and we use energy efficient lighting.  We make it a priority to seek out organic and natural ingredients from local farmers who use responsible and sustainable farming practices.

We support our local community by:

  • Creating jobs

Chil not only creates job for people in our community, we also work with Hutton House and the March of Dimes to help employ people with disabilities.  Chil won the Advocacy Award in 2013 from Abilities First for being an equal opportunity employer and we became a training center for Hutton House's disabled clients.

  • Supporting a local Ontario organic dairy farmer - Mapleton's Organic Dairy!

Chil's 100% Certified Organic Greek frozen yogurt and organic ice cream comes from a local dairy farmer, just an hour away!  We proudly support Mapleton's Organic Dairy Farm in Moorefield Ontario! 

Mapleton's Organic Dairy Farm is:

  • Organic Farming Certified by ECO Cert
  • Certified Organic by Canada Organic - CFIA
  • Certified Local Sustainable by LFP-Local Food Plus
  • a member of Dairy Farmer's of Ontario - look for the 100% Canadian milk blue cow!
  • a member of the EFAO-Ecological Farmers of Ontario
  • an energy producing farm
  • Local food sourcing

We source most of our quality ingredients from local farmers who practice responsible, sustainable farming.  And, when we use ingredients that aren't local, we buy only from Canadian distributors we know and trust for quality and sustainable practices and we strive to support fair trade products for a better future.

Buying fresh local produce = fresh ingredients for our customers!

  • Eco-friendly operation = a smaller carbon footprint!
  • Hosting fundraising events instore at Chil!

For more information visit our Fundraising page

  • Helping charities raise money outside of Chil!

For more information visit our Fundraising page