Masterminds behind

  • Kevin Wu
    Kevin Wu
  • Julia Hatter
    Julia Hatter
  • A smaller carbon footprint

  • Good for our local economy

  • Job creation

  • Supports our community

  • Fresher ingredients

  • Higher quality products

  • Keeping local farmers in business

Our Story

It all began with a date night.

Kevin told Julia he was going to take her to a new place she had never been before. He explained it was a self-serve frozen yogurt store where you pick different flavors of yogurt and then add whatever toppings you want! Julia was so excited to try this new place, so Kevin took her out for a date night. Having a background in food and nutrition, Julia knew a lot about ingredients, and was excited to try this healthier, all natural, fat free frozen yogurt, instead of  having ice cream.

She loved the self serve concept and having 30 toppings to choose from, she thought, who could ask for more?! Well...Julia. That’s who. And she did ask for more. She wanted to know why the ‘all natural’ mint frozen yogurt was bright green, and there were no ingredient lists or nutrition information anywhere in the store or online.

Mint leaves are green, but mint extract in it’s natural form is clear. So, mint frozen yogurt should be white...not green...and certainly not florescent green! Julia asked different staff for this information, but was refused. She then spoke with the manager, and was finally allowed to see the ingredient lists for all their frozen yogurt flavors. After reading pages of huge lists of all the ‘natural’ ingredients in their yogurt, she said “We’re never eating here again!”

Kevin said “You’re kidding right?!! What are we going to do for our frozen yogurt date night?!” Julia said “Actually, I’m not kidding. We shouldn’t be eating this. You know what? We should open up our own store! An Organic Greek frozen yogurt shop! One that is truly healthy, with only a few all natural, organic ingredients! We’ll find a local organic dairy farmer to make our yogurt, and I’ll design a beautiful store!” Then Kevin got excited and said” I can do all the marketing!! And we’ll have the LARGEST topping bar in Canada! Let’s do it!!”

So...after a year of research, and a lot of convincing... a local organic dairy farmer finally said yes! Then months and months went by searching for the perfect location...then months and months of construction went on….then months and months of testing yogurt flavors and recipes…then.... finally…. Chil was born! Mapleton’s Organic Dairy Farm in Moorefield Ontario Canada joined us! Together we created, what we believe to be, the best quality, freshest ingredients, pure, simple, healthy and incredibly delicious flavors of Organic Greek frozen yogurt you’ve ever had!

PURE.SIMPLE.FRESH. 100% PURE Organic Canadian milk, only a few SIMPLE ingredients & FRESH  from the happy cows  at  Mapleton’s farm! More than just incredibly healthy, nutritious and delicious,  Chil’s Organic Greek Frozen Yogurt is the low fat, high protein indulgence you’ve been looking for!  

What products does Chil have to offer?


Chil is mixin’ things up and changing the way you do frozen yogurt!

Did you know Chil was the very FIRST in Canada to offer Certified Organic Greek frozen yogurt! We also have premium Organic ice creams and the largest variety of non- dairy & vegan friendly frozen desserts in Canada! Going beyond the usual choice of only one non-dairy fruit option...Chil has cool stuff like over 50 different kinds quinoa and almond milk frozen desserts! Not to mention our extremely popular in house, freshly blended fruit and vegetable  ‘Superfood’ frozen dessert! Our ‘Superfood’ tastes amazing & I won’t be able to tell there’s even vegetables in it!

ALL of our frozen desserts are sweetened with fair trade raw organic unrefined cane juice and are 100% gluten free, with NO added fillers, artificial colors, flavours, sweeteners, processed sugar, chemicals or preservatives. Our organic Greek frozen yogurts are high in protein, have 6 probiotics and are naturally 80% lactose free!

To top it all off, we have the LARGEST Topping Bar in Canada! With over 150+ toppings for you to choose from, there’s something for everyone. We have so many customers with special dietary needs, food intolerance's and allergies that we decided to go the extra mile and we labelled everything in our store!  Now people feel confident coming into Chil and creating their custom dessert to suit their needs.

Try Chil for yourself!   Come in, Cool off & ‘Chil’ out! ; )

Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar is a new kind of yogurt shop offering a completely different experience & completely different frozen desserts in a self serve concept store. We are committed to provide excellent service in a fun, friendly & clean environment. Enjoy free Wi Fi , board games and ‘Singtrix’ Karaoke every day of the week!

During the construction of our store, we chose materials that were sustainable, reused or recycled. We installed LED true full spectrum light bulbs that use 80% less energy, compared to incandescent bulbs.Our dishwashing soap, floor detergent and cleaning products are all biodegradable and eco friendly too.  : )

Did you know we have over 120+ healthy and delicious frozen dessert flavors IN STORE- EVERYDAY! Including organic Greek frozen yogurts, non-dairy & vegan friendly options, organic smoothies and organic ice cream.  PLUS the LARGEST topping bar in Canada! Chil also offers custom made cakes, fundraising, wedding catering, birthday parties and catering for small parties to large corporate events. We also do frozen dessert DELIVERY right to your door!

Open from 11am to midnight, seven days a week Chil is ready to cater to you!!